Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesdsay 2010 - Lent Begins, Into the Desert We Journey

Lent arrives almost without announcement. It seems to just be here without warning, even though I have known it was coming. There are many practical reasons why I pay attention to Lent... my work at a parish, my ministries at St. Edward's are two. And then there is just my own rhythm of faith.

Yet - like so many things, suddenly, it is just here.

This year I am reminded of this vision... I am walking in a lush garden, filled with delight and as I round a bend, suddenly I am in the desert. The desert - seemingly barren, lifeless, looming and silent.

In the garden, I can hide in plain sight - obscured by overgrowth, color and sound. Out here, I am vulnerable with no place to make myself absent, no shelter, no shade.

I was just in a conversation with someone who said that they couldn't quite get their head around Lent yet and I replied, too rapidly as I often do. My words said this, there is nothing to get your head around, just breath and walk into the desert.

Who am I kidding? How does one do this?

Here are the readings for today, that should help. In the meantime, my spirit is going to want a big floppy hat, sunscreen and some dark glasses. I don't think I will be able to find anything like that out there... and that is probably a good thing.


  1. "my spirit is going to want a big floppy hat, sunscreen and some dark glasses."
    That is priceless. Into the desert!

  2. I'm breathing and walking.... Thanks for the inspiration, Frannie!

  3. I like your image of garden and desert. Thank you, Fran.
    I wish you a glorious Lent :-)

  4. Here it is again, is right. I feel the same way about Lent.

    A (I don't think good is quite the word I am looking for here) enlightening Lent Season to you, Fran.

  5. It is good to journey together, though apart, in the desert of our beings.

  6. Happy Lent, Fran.

    (If you need sunscreen, a floppy hat and dark glasses, I can't even begin to imagine what I need. Perhaps a biohazard suit that reflects UVA and UVB rays?)

    Still, I am looking forward to seeing what this exposure does to my spirit.

  7. Fran, your incisive comments about feeling exposed and vulnerable in the wilderness touched off remembrance of an old hymn:

    Father, I lift my hand to Thee
    No other help I know
    If Thou withdraw Thy help from me
    O whither shall I go?

    I now have an anthem to lift me on this journey. Thank you for being the instrument to bring this back to me!


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